Steve Jobs’ secret sauce is shampoo: Reading the tea leaves of Macworld 2006

Yesterday the yet-dropped bomb exploded: Apple unveiled the first Macs with Intel processors. Starting today it’s not only possible to run Windows natively on a Mac, but could possibly be legal as well .

The Management-Channel asked experts for their comments on this fact, preferring statements, they would later decline to have made. Take them with a grain of salt!

Stephen H. (Scientist):“A Mac that can run OSX and Windows side by side is getting as near to the materialization of an oxymoron as anything could get. It’s like matter meeting antimatter. This is a landmark accomplishment in the history of science.”

William P. & James G. (Famous Founders):“Apple is pursuing the old shampoo formula of product development, the famous “two-in-one”. Instead of selling just shampoo or a separate conditioner, they are selling shampoo and conditioner combined. Just buy a Mac and you can run Windows on it, too! Two computers for the price of one! If that’s not a tempting offer, tell us one!”

Michael D. (Ex-Ceo):“To me Apple looks like a ‘one-trick-pony’. They are doing just the same cheap trick over and over again. Remember the iPod: First the iPod was Mac-only. Then they opened it up for Windows and the iPod became a huge success. The iPod’s success, by the way, isn’t going to last, because people want choice and the iPod is doomed, just look at the numbers. Back on topic: Now after building those Mac-only Macs for decades, they open them up for Windows, so people have the choice to boot with MacOS or Windows. And they are doomed again. Because… because people don’t want choices!”

Steve J. (Dual-CEO):“You know what’s interesting? You know, where innovation comes from? Innovation comes from saying no to 1,000 things. You have to make sure you don’t get on the wrong track. I for one will stick with OSX.”

Are you Bill Gates, Samuel Palmisano or pretend it to be? Share your opinion about Intel Macs in the comments!

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