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Steve Jobs’ secret sauce is shampoo: Reading the tea leaves of Macworld 2006

Mittwoch, Januar 11th, 2006

Yesterday the yet-dropped bomb exploded: Apple unveiled the first Macs with Intel processors. Starting today it’s not only possible to run Windows natively on a Mac, but could possibly be legal as well . The Management-Channel asked experts for their comments on this fact, preferring statements, they would later decline to have made. Take them […]

Apple’s movie store strategy: Exploring blades and razors

Donnerstag, Dezember 8th, 2005

We do not know if the latest rumor about Apple preparing a massive overhaul to its movie store and digital distribution system is true, but that’s not hindering us from hypothesizing about Apple’s business options in this market. When Apple started their online music business with the iTunes Music Store, its iTMS business model was […]

Apple’s next big thing (2): The end of TV as we know it

Montag, Oktober 10th, 2005

Four weeks ago, on September 7th, Steve Jobs unveiled not only the iPod nano, but also Apple’s latest strategic weapon: „This next statistic we’ve never shared with anybody before: How many accounts do we have on iTunes? How many accounts? We have just crossed 10 million accounts on iTunes. And they come with credit cards. […]

Did Steve Jobs reveal Apple’s upcoming special announcement early?

Donnerstag, Oktober 6th, 2005

Apple fans are looking forward to next Wednesday like it’s Christmas Eve. But maybe Steve Jobs gave them a subtle hint about those upcoming products in an interview in February 2004. The following quote can be found in an exclusive interview with Macworld Magazine (emphasis added): Do you have any other thoughts about where your […]

Apple’s next big thing – click wheel technology everywhere

Montag, September 26th, 2005

This is a translation of *this* German article. Thanks to Google and LEO for assistance. As we are not English native speakers we would like to apologize for misspellings and creative use of grammar. As the disappointment about the design of the “ROKR” abates, the question remains, in which direction Apple’s strategy for mobile phones […]