Did Steve Jobs reveal Apple’s upcoming special announcement early?

Apple fans are looking forward to next Wednesday like it’s Christmas Eve. But maybe Steve Jobs gave them a subtle hint about those upcoming products in an interview in February 2004.

The following quote can be found in an exclusive interview with Macworld Magazine (emphasis added):

Do you have any other thoughts about where your competitors are taking their strategies? For example, Windows Media PCs are computers attached to TV sets.

Well, we’ve always been very clear on that. We don’t think that televisions and personal computers are going to merge. We think basically you watch television to turn your brain off, and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on.

Are there some complementary aspects to it?

Well, they want to link sometimes. Like, when you make a movie, you burn a DVD and you take it to your DVD player. Someday that could happen over AirPort, so you don’t have to burn a DVD — you can just watch it right off your computer on your television set.

Serendipity! Apple is going to announce an AirPort Express with video streaming capabilities!

18 Responses to “Did Steve Jobs reveal Apple’s upcoming special announcement early?”

  1. Alesk Says:

    Yes, that could be the first step to the iMovieStore !

  2. Loki Capret Says:

    Only if the AirPort also has a remote that allows you to control the Mac from whichever room you are viewing in.

  3. Johnny Appleseed Says:

    Like they did with the iPod and iTunes Music Store, they should make it Mac-only at first to lure over wavering switchers.

  4. justme Says:

    Would 802.11g really handle video?

    Perhaps this could also be the intro of some Apple pre-n equipment? Or WiMax?

  5. o2binvt Says:

    Loki, wireless networks make the most sense for laptops (while I write this I am sitting in an overstuffed chair in the living room). The particular product in question, AirPort Express, is obviously aimed at the laptop user. A desktop user can just buy a 3 dollar cable to run the audio out to their stereo. Besides, Mac users are much more likely to own a laptop then Windows users (just look at the sales numbers).

    Now, about the article’s idea. An airport express with both audio and video out makes a lot of since. More and more people have their stereo and tv connected together, often with the video passing through the stereo surround receiver. A device that could wirelessly connect your computer with this setup would be handy to say the least. Just imagine, friends are over and you can now more conveniently bore them with home movies and iPhoto slide shows.

  6. Loki Capret Says:

    If I want to watch a movie upstairs from my PM G5 downstairs, I want to be able to control it. I don’t think Apple would release a unit of this nature that only caters to laptop owners. My G5 is in my office without any TV sets near enough to “buy a 3 dollar cable to run the audio out to their stereo”.

  7. NetSend Says:

    Yes 802.11g would handle video. D-Link already has such a device availabe:


    It’s poorly marketed. Applke will make it mainstream…

  8. Ron Says:

    If there is a “video” enabled Airport it will legitimize the SlingBox from http://www.slingmedia.com a $249 television anywhere over broadband.

  9. o2binvt Says:

    Hey Loki, the “3 dollar cable ” is for audio, not video. Currently Airport Express does just audio.

    A simple mini jack to RCA cable is all it takes. I use one to connect my iPod to my stereo, but a wireless option would be even better (I have considered buying an AP Express to connect our laptops to the stereo, but can’t justify the cost over the 3 dollar cable ;) . An iPod with 802.11 built in so the user could play music wirelessly from their iPod- through AirPort Express- to their stereo, would be cool too. Definitely an expensive toy, but cool none the less.

    I didn’t mean to be argumentative. I was just saying that when you combine the fact that half of Apple’s unit sales are laptops and that the utility of a wireless network really shines when used with laptops, THEN the target would be laptop users, and a remote option seems, um, remote.

    On a side note: The wireless network plus laptop combination allows for a more flexible user experience. Try it out.

  10. Powerbook User Says:

    If they do a video Airport express, I hope they don’t make the same limitations they currently have. Airport express can only stream iTunes content, please allow the new Express to stream video from ANY source (Mplayer, VLC, etc.)

  11. Alex Says:

    Airfoil lets you stream any audio over airport express.
    yeah you have to buy it but what the hey

  12. matt Says:

    hi loki
    in case some modified / extended / pre-n whatever AirPort Express is indeed released, be sure that it a) will be for video) and b) will *as an option* come with a remote.
    Steve loves options :) - each option is extra margin.


  13. James Says:

    Could be Steve Job’s retirement - curtain call

  14. macspirit Says:

    Just a few thoughts. Someone said that 802.11g can handle video. I wonder if, this being the year of HD, it can handle HD content. iMovie is HD. H.264 was designed for HD. Could Airport now incorporate some type of hardware-based H.264 encode on the transmit side and H.264 decode on the receive side? Might there be an Intel connection here somewhere? Lots of people have HDTVs now, and a goodly number have HD DVRs. Mine has a FireWire interface that allows me to connect it to my Mac and transfer video there for conversion of the MPEG2 transport stream to DivX or H.264-encoded MPEG4 video. It would be great to have a convenient way to send that back to my TV from my Mac. Someone really needs to figure out how to tie all of this together, and release it in a cleverly integrated system for the masses. Isn’t this what Apple is best known for? HDTV is ready to explode. As new display technologies begin to come online later this year, the center of gravity of cost of ownership is going to drift into that magic range where the vast majority of consumers will finally feel compelled to get off that fence and buy an HD set. There’s a monster wave building out there…the good kind…like the one Apple caught with the original iPod. Will Wednesday’s announcement reveal Apple’s intent to catch the next one? Only time will tell.

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  16. Ross Shaw Says:

    Back at MacWorld SF in January Steve was touting this being the “Year of HD”. So this has to be about something to do with HD

  17. Geo Says:

    I’d like to see this capability built into a Mac mini customized for Home Theater.

  18. macspirit Says:

    New Power Macs and/or refreshed Powerbooks and/or dual-core G5 iMacs may make their debut, but the theme of this announcement definitely seems to be geared toward something that has to do with movies. Whether it’s a video-capable iPod or something to do with streaming video to some new TV-connected AV device, I think the smart money is on video. Hardware upgrades will just sweeten the pot. Other hardware-centric upgrades could involve memory and/or video card enhancements. Can our adremal glands stand the strain of four and a half more days of this?